Meet some of the Team


Alder is an American professional cyclist racing for Attaque Team Gusto. He is 26 years of age and has been racing around the world for the past 5 years; formerly with Hincape Racing and search2retain Cycling team. Alder has raced in many parts of Europe, Asia and America and is always up for a new adventure. One of the nicest and most helpful people you will meet Alder is always willing to give a helping hand no matter how steep the climb. He is also a keen blogger and photographer and can always see the best in everyone and every situation. A great person to have on tour come rain, hail or shine.



Much has been written about William over the years; youngest Australian National Road Race Champion, World Tour professional at age 19, Silver Medallist at 2005 U23 World championships, retired in 2009 due to heart problems and returned to professional ranks in 2012 before retiring again in 2014. All this before age 28!

William still lives part of each year in Italy and has deep links with the country that have been forged over more than a decade. He is now a successful entrepreneur having started a clothing business in 2010 which he later sold to pursue his latest venture; start-up TEXSTYLED “The worlds premier textile print platform”.

William is passionate about Italy and about cycling, he is fluent in Italian and as a tour ride host he will provide unrivalled insight into the race and every other part of a Grand Tour experience. After all his very first Grand Tour was the Giro dÍtalia in 2007 so it is only fitting that he returns riding his bike!



Kay is well known for his quick wit, great stories and as a go to guy to solve the many challenges that pop up when traveling in the great outdoors. He is an ex professional cyclist and Taiwan National Champion in 2011 and is truly passionate about cycling and travelling and sharing his love of both with everyone he meets. During his 10 year cycling career he competed in hundreds of races in 23 countries across Asia, Europe and Australia so he is truly a man for all seasons as a ride host. Kay is also into many outdoor sports such as diving, hiking and camping and he is always up for a new challenge. But be warned, he is also a keen videographer and his go pro is never far away and never off!



Valerie is one of the founders of SEARCHTRAVEL and the key driver of the #notacyclingwidow movement. Valerie has travelled with her husband (Peter) throughout much of Northern Italy over many years but her passion is everything that Italy has to offer OTHER THAN cycling. So while Peter was off “playing with his bike” Valerie went exploring the cultural and historically significant parts of Italy.
In an effort to make life easier, Valerie searched for a tour operator that could do the hard work of arranging a joint itinerary but could not find one so, undeterred, Val did it herself. With the help of her network of Italian associates and friends Val was able to uncover amazing things that only the locals knew about and her Italian holidays became a joint itinerary that catered for her needs as well as Peter’s strange cycling addiction.
What started out as a win-win solution to support Peter’s cycling passions has now turned into a business; SEARCH TRAVEL. Val (and Peter) have even moved away from family and friends to live in Italy to ensure that the sight-seeing (non-cycling) experience is embedded in every tour and in every part of the business. It was also important to be in Italy to be certain that the SEARCHTRAVEL staff share her passion for the amazing cultural and culinary experiences of the regions that our tours operate in.
Valerie has stayed in every hotel, eaten at every restaurant and visited every sightseeing option and we hope you enjoy the experiences as much as Valerie has enjoyed creating them for you.



Peter is one of the founders of SEARCHTRAVEL and one of the driving forces behind bringing the very best of Italy to our guests. If you know Peter then you know that his interests are all about cycling; from cycling clothing to the UCI Continental racing team, athlete management, cycling education and coaching and now travel. Peter has been traveling to Italy for more than 30 years and it wasn't until he was shown around by a professional cyclist who had lived in the area for many years that he really came to understand how much Italy really does have to offer both on and off the bike.

Peter and his wife (Valerie) always holiday together. Valerie does not cycle so they spend part of each day doing separate activities and they each see very different parts of Italy; all in the same place! Peter and Valerie searched and searched for a tour operator that could provide this inside knowledge and varied experiences for them both but no-one fitted the bill; so they have created one themselves; SEARCHTRAVEL. They even moved to Italy so they could ensure that every element of every tour lives up to their high expectations and they have stayed in every hotel, eaten at every restaurant, visited every sightseeing option and (Peter) has ridden every route. We hope you enjoy the experiences as much as they enjoyed creating them.



Jure is best described as versatile. He can cook, he can perform amazing sports massage, he drives the car, drives the vans, finds the most amazing parking locations and can find water and power seemingly at will. He really cares about our guests and will always go out of his way to provide that extra bit of service that makes holidays truly memorable. Jure also doubles as a soigneur (French word with loose meaning - the one who cares) for Attaque Team Gusto and fills a similar role looking after the team athletes. no small wonder our guests rave about him!



Nejc is a trooper in the true sense of the word. After dark, he can be found washing bikes, cycling kit and bottles and generally getting everything prepared to ensure that tomorrow runs smooth as silk. Nothing is too much trouble and he always delivers with a smile. Nejc has always been involved in cycling and he actually raced in a domestic team with Jure, which is how they met. Our guests consistently tell us that the positive attitude of our staff make their holiday so very pleasant and Nejc is a key element to ensuring that your holiday will be fun and stress free.